Wednesday , June 16 2021

Fashion designer, head of the Conacyt Biosafety Committee

Edith Arieta MezaShe graduated from fashion design from Jannette Klein University, is now Deputy Director Inter-Secret Committee on Biosafety and Genetically Modified Organisms (CIBIOGEM) by Conacyt.

The officer is part of a group of scientists, environmentalists and lawyers who regulate and generate security for society about the use of genetically modified organisms in the country.

However, she does not have any special training for this job because, according to her public statement in DeclaraNet, her only job experience is as Head of Unit B at the then Tlalpan delegation during the management of Claudia Shinbaum,

Apart from being the Secretary General of the Mornea Executive Committee, in the Milpatia Alta delegation.

The statement reveals she has proof that she has studied the fashion design career and is not reporting the monthly earnings she receives for her position at the National Science and Technology Council.

Arrieta does not agree to disclose the possible conflict of interest, according to his statement.

During the reign of Enrique Penya Nieto he was the head of SIBIOGEM Sal Ortiz Garcia, Biology, graduated from the UNAM, with a Doctor of Ecology from the UNAM Ecology Institute and a stay at Oregon State University, Corvallis.

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