Monday , October 25 2021

FGR releases journalist Humberto Padget; lied to enter Saint Lucia without permission: Sedena


His two companions identified themselves as retired soldiers and managed to get in to record video from the air base, Sedena said.

The journalist Humberto Padget and his two companions they were released hours after being arrested for video recording at Santa Lucia Air Force Base, as the Prosecutor General's Office (FGR) determined that their detention had not been carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

The FGR Freedom Notice indicates that three people have been charged carrying a firearm without a license, so that the FED / MEX / ECAT / 0004309/2019 investigation folder was opened; nevertheless, "this authority decided not to order the accused's detention", ordering his immediate freedom.

FGR invited Padgett and the two arrested with him submit your statement minister in the presence of a lawyer ex officio, but they decided to do so next Monday, accompanied by their legal representatives.

For its part, the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) has circulated its version of events and announced in a statement that Padget is coming with his associates, who are provided by the Ministry of Interior's Journalism Protection Mechanism, ie. to the military base in a private car.

In the first preview, filter the two companions they identified themselves as retired military personnel and they said they were going to the medical service, in the second filter they said they were going to a military school, this is incorrect in both cases,

"In the third filter, military personnel providing security near the facilities occupied by the Association of Engineers identified the three persons conducting video surveys; so when you try to identify yourself, they fled, about 200 meters from that spot, "Sedena added in a press release.

Therefore, the servicemen held them and led them to the main access door of Military Field No. 37-D, where elements were made available by the Prosecutor General's Office of Justice of the State of Mexico as Researchers.

"The Secretariat of National Defense respects the freedom of expression and journalistic work of communicators, and the free expression of ideas through the media; it should be noted, however, that the military facilities are federally owned and restricted and those who enter these camps do so for a specific purpose and with the appropriate permit, ”the army explained.

This morning, the press freedom organization Article 19 denies that the journalist Humberto Padget He was arrested by military police in Tecamak, Mexico, while he was doing his job.

According to the organization, Padgett is investigating Saint Lucia International Airportwhen he was arbitrarily detained by elements of the Military Police.

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