Tuesday , October 26 2021

For this reason, Louk De Jong did not come to America and Monterey


Spain /

A year ago America He was close to signing it. Six months ago it was Monterey but who came nearer neither did Luk De Jong retreat and Now that he has signed with Sevilla, the Dutch striker has admitted his reasons for rejecting Mexican clubs.

In an interview with De Volkskrant newspaper, the former PSV he doubted he would be glad to come Aztec football, although the bids were good financially

"There was interest from China, Russia and Mexico, but I doubted I'd really be happier there. It is financially attractive, but the Eurocup is out of sight. "

It must be remembered that even

the scorer's father travels to Mexico City to speak with the board of directors of America

and the signing was of a company to be realized, however

At the last moment they said no to the Eagles.

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