Thursday , October 28 2021

Former & # 39; One Direction & # 39; has already been confirmed as & # 39; Eric & # 39; at the & # 39; Little Mermaid & # 39;


This information was denied hours later. This was the information collected before 5:37 PM on August 13, 2019.

Ariel already has her favorite prince for the Little Mermaid act and will be a former member of One Direction so any of these musicians can play the role of Niall Horan or even Harry Styles will be Prince Eric.

According to the English portal The Disinsider, take on Tweets from AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas, which will be removed later, after a long fight to stay with the beloved character of many Disney fans, finally selected.

Among the names that came to light were the singer Nick Jonas, Jimin of & # 39; BTS & # 39; and former & # 39; One Direction & # 39; s vocalist, Harry Styles.

These were the tweets that started everything:

Former One Direction already confirmed as Eric in The Little Mermaid's Tweets -Theets-de-Harry-Styles-550x500

Source: Twitter @JasonGuerrasio

And for the luck of the directors (fans of the English group), the "Time Sign" interpreter has been selected to participate in this lively action that divides opinion.

Although no further details have been given about these choices, sources close to the production indicate that the singer wanted to perform new songs for this adaptation.

Also, the 25-year-old musician showed his talent in acting by participating in the movie Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan in 2017.

While Harry Styles will be Prince Eric, African-American actress Hallie Bailey will play Ariel, something that has sparked controversy over the artist's skin color.

Likewise, for the role of Orsula, the charismatic antagonist of the animated story, would be comedian Melissa McCarthy, who hinted that she was in talks with Disney.

Spanish is in the same situation Javier Bardem to represent Ariel's father.

There is no date for a new version of Little Mermaid.

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