Saturday , July 31 2021

Google Chrome for Android already has a dark theme: it's enabled

Dark mode in Google Chrome

Earlier this year, Google confirmed its work in Google dark mode implementation in the mobile version of Chrome, Sooner or later great G will be at the level of other applications in its category, integrating one of the most appreciated and anticipated Android user features. now, Chrome's dark theme is already here.

As we have seen, Google introduced the dark theme in the latest experimental version of Google Chrome, the so-called "Canary" edition of the browser. Although there were indications that this option is close to the final arrival, it is now available for it to be activated.

So you can activate the dark Google Chrome theme

Enable dark mode in Google Chrome

For now, the dark Google Chrome theme for Android works only in the Canary version, although it is very likely in the coming weeks to come up with variants beta or Dev the browser, much more stable.

As usual, Google decided to enter this feature through the browser's experimental options menu, known as "flags." With this in mind, this is the process Enable dark theme in Google Chrome:

  1. If you have not already done so, download and install Google Chrome Canary on your device.

  2. Open chrome: // flags – no quotes

  3. In the search bar, type "Dark" to display the "Dark Web Content on Android" option. Enable it and restart the browser.

Thus, the resources and much of the components of webpages will become vagueor by changing the original colors color them from pure black or dark gray tones. Now, yes, the menus and other components of the application interface are still white on most websites, and when we load web pages, we find another problem. In the end, it is an experimental feature that will take some time to see the light officially.

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