Tuesday , September 28 2021

Guillermo Hoyos highlights the work of Atlas

The Atlas technician, Guillermo Hoyos, saved a few points after the tie that got his equipment before the Lion, until then it was also admitted, that the eleven, after the expulsion of Cristian Calderon, had completely run away.

"I have divided the game into two. The first round and the second part I like, because the team is looking for, having the ball, making changes in speed. The team came to look for it, León, he has a great player, he has hosted the tournament for a long time. with the proposal he made, but then it became blurred, we can say that it changed the horizon (it was deconcentrated) by expulsion ".

After the Atlas with 10 elements for the expulsion of Calderón, the team suffered to stay in the field, the lines are very far from each other and I will try to accommodate this problem, because surely it will not be the only opportunity you will face this type . situation.

"Leon makes total ownership of the game, we try to continue to pursue the game, we are happy with the security of the defense, anticipation, the way in which the team is displayed and we are on track for the evolution of this team."

He maintained the result, despite the sacking of Cristian Calderón in the second round.

Technicians see important growth in their teams, both individually and in groups, which makes them happy, because you can see that the work they do is paying off, which is indeed feasible, because despite the fact that the team was defeated by the bad. the championship is done, don't lower your arms.

"We see important individual and collective concepts".

Ricky Vlvarez suffered a blow. The technician will wait for two days to see how he reacts and know specifically when the time needed for recovery.

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