Thursday , October 28 2021

Gulit Penya will be "released" by Polish team in exchange for 300 thousand pesos



His return to MX league & # 39; would be & # 39; forthcoming. After going through Poland football, Gulit Rock will be near the return to Mexico to play with him Morelia.

During the program of ESPN, sportsthe journalist Elizabeth Patigno explained that the team Quiet just search for a figure up monarchy to "free" the player.

"Morelia you want to give you a low salary, more or less than what you earned Poland, and the team has already accepted that, with 300,000 pesos, he gives his letter. Morelia He is ready to pay, but there will be a discipline clause. The first indiscipline that will emerge is the immediate withdrawal.

GKS Tychy T-shirt pose

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GKS Tychy T-shirt pose

"Yes, there was talk, including over the weekend Alvaro Davila (Club President) An attempt was made to communicate with Carlos Pena, there was still no dialogue between them and the insiders did Morelia He tells me it will be a matter of hours before the official arrives Carlos Penahe explained.

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