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How Amazon convinces its users to buy more on Prime Day

Amazon has some tactics to make sure you buy a lot more than you planned on Prime Day.
Photo: Christian Wydiger (Unsplash)

If you want to save Prime Day money, you can be sure Amazon will have many offers. He will offer so much, in fact, that you can do more than you planned.

Then we'll explain the tactics used by Amazon to convince you to buy more for Prime Day (which in fact lasts for two days because time is useless).

Countdown timer

Amazon is trying to convince you that if you do not buy Prime Day you will lose the best deals. To encourage this feeling, you've enabled countdown timers for certain products. If you do not take advantage of this limited Prime Day offer before the time runs out, you will miss the opportunity to save! Of course, you can also save money by waiting for the time to end or by closing the application or doing literally anything elseBut this is not fun.

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Outstanding Products

Amazon uses Prime Day to launch exclusive products for premier members, such as a quilt frozen of AmazonBasics by Disney. If your children love you frozen, then you need to make sure you buy them this unique quilt before the offer runs out, does it? If you do not, you will be a terrible father who does not care about your children or offers!

Product limit

I know Amazon is a place where you can get unlimited amounts of any kind of product you can imagine, but on Prime Day, Amazon wants you to know that your best deals have a limit. To know the percentage of items that have already been sold in Prime Day, you can check the progress bar under certain products.

This trick works in two ways. First, it creates a sense of shortage. Second, create the so-called social demonstration, which happens when you show that many people have bought a product. This makes the article look more popular and valuable. If all these people bought it, maybe you should buy it. And you have to do it fast before everyone else!

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Amazon Credits

Amazon is ready to give you more reasons to buy more. For this reason, in some regions, you are distributing $ 10 credits to perform tasks related to Amazon, such as using the Amazon application for the first time, installing Amazon Assistant on your laptop, or buying in Whole Foods, among others. It's like giving out free money, is not it? Why not combine this with your real money to buy something on Prime Day?

Notifications and alerts

Now that you have the Amazon app on your mobile phone and Amazon Assistant on your laptop, it's time Amazon to take advantage of these services … so they can help you sell more stuff! You just need to program your app or the Amazon Wizard to track specific Prime Day bids and then send you a notification when the bids are published. This way you can make your normal life until you have to buy a special Prime Day product!

Additional discounts

Since shopping should be like a video game, Amazon has created additional discounts that you can use for use in certain products. To get an extra discount, you need to participate in an Amazon application using the advanced reality mode that uses the camera on your mobile phone to show you how your room will look with a new chair or lamp.

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Of course, after seeing how incredibly your living room will look like with the new lamp, you have to buy it. You also get a 20% discount.

See if you want to save some money for things you've already planned to buy, the first day of Amazon is a good way to do it. However, it's important to know that Amazon wants to buy a lot more than what you've listed and you'll use all the tricks you have to make sure you spend a lot of time in Amazon's Prime Day.

So be aware of the tactics Amazon uses to manipulate you so you spend more and then do what you can to avoid falling.

And well, if you can not … at least you did not pay the full price!

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