Tuesday , October 26 2021

Ingrid Coronado reaches a million followers on Instagram


Sculptural conductor Ingrid Coronado has just returned to her Instagram account to note that she has reached one million followers on her social networking account, after being out of action for a few weeks to take time in her an aspect of his life and spending more time with his family.

Host Ingrid Coronado surprised this Saturday by re-appearing on her Instagram account after a few weeks of absence, explaining the reasons that made her temporarily leave the social network.

In the video, beautiful actress, conductor and singer Ingrid Coronado revealed that she is very happy to have reached a million followers on her Instagram account and made it with a charismatic smile. "Thanks a million! # Blessed # thankful # happy. I will have many gifts for you tomorrow."

Ingrid Coronado reappears on Instagram

Likewise, in the video, the driver, who may reach the Today program, made it clear that she used a few days to be with her family, but returned just in time to celebrate that she had reached one million followers on Instagram, so I will handle a few raffles with gifts for their biggest fans on this social network.

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The artist decided to end his career as a presenter of "Come Joy" in November last year and thus take a break to "detox" his body, mind, soul and mind. In fact, in recent days, a rumor has emerged that can reach "Today" to replace the grandiose and much-loved Galileo Montillo; but if confirmed, it could be next year.

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