Tuesday , October 26 2021

Irina Shake reveals the truth about her split with Bradley Cooper


When we almost forgot about the couple, the former model decided it was time to tell the truth; Irina Shake reveals the truth about his parting with the actor and apparently he was not friendly at all.

on lives so side by side that they live, they inevitably disintegrate.

obviously everything ended in a very good relationship; However, Shake wants to be honest about that.

Friends of the former couple have taken care convey a lot of information About separation.

"Irina felt like they really didn't live together outside of the problems that affected her daughter," friendships said.

Although the break was the subject of a million theories, nothing has been confirmed and model Irina Sheik reveals the truth about her separation and apparently he was not friendly at all. Bradley seemed to be playing a little "patton" on more than one occasion.

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"A lot can be said about her relationship with Bradley. That hurt her so much that she took revenge on her mind," the source said.

on Model Revenge is a book you are working onthat will talk about everything that happened between them. They also assured that Bradley wants to prevent this "revenge", because he knows that the truth will be revealed and everything seems to show the actor did not behave well With the mother of her children.

And is it not the first time it happens, the actor's ex-wife Jennifer Esposito talk about it Bradley has some "evil and dark" side and that everything should always revolve around him and his needs.

We'll wait to see what is the model,

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