Thursday , October 28 2021

It's just … refinery


Have you already done the calculations, dear readers, how many refineries would we have built in Mexico if oil exploitation had not been monopolized by Pemex, the "all Mexican" company but open to the involvement of all the world's oil corporations? In Texas, which is simply a state of the United States, there are … 26 refineries. There are … six in Mexico. Something we did not do well in this country with your forgiveness.

Oh, and those six refineries that we have half capacity or less. But, well, the 4T government is about to start building the Dos Bocas factory. Rocio Nale, the energy minister interviewed by Fernando del Colado in this newspaper, said that the locals of the United Mexican States were "surprised" because we were used to "no such work after 40 years." We would be more surprised, I think, if the construction of what would have been Latin America's best airport had been continued, but in fact, such "work" as the refinery had not been done, which tells us a little about our rulers – as many responsible managers of a large parastatal enterprise – or a significant lack of Pemex capacity or, if you think of it, a colossal obstacle, which means that the said corporation is not owned at all by us, citizens of the nation, but a personal booty on politicastros and petty cash from political parties. I would already like to see you, the rulers of the Netherlands or the United Kingdom or France or the United States themselves, plundering the coffins of the Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, GP or Total SA.

Beyond the fact that the Obrador government was left in a company in ruins (it must be said), the question remains I do not know building refineries in this way – that is, to be made by investors, national and foreign, with their capital and their technologies – but raise them the state, More than the same, ie. More statistics and less market. Therefore, Dos Bocas will be built with silver from our pockets, with money from our taxes. So, we will have … seven refineries. Oh!

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