Sunday , August 1 2021

Jolette, controversial exalumn & # 39; La Academia & # 39; can go back to Azteca TV

Mexico City.- Through your account Instagram, conductor and singer JoletteHe invited all of his followers to ask him questions, express that Azteca TV is looking for it on the opportunity to star remake of Teresa.

Really! But they sent him to cancel mysteriously (…) Recently they had a close relationship with my manager to drive, in the end, something strange stopped the negotiations, "said the driver.

In addition, he was asked what the rexcitement with Pati Chapoy, whose answer was he never saw him again. He even talked about himself reunion with Atala Sarmiento.

They all followed orders and I had nothing but forgiveness and hope for them. He had to experience the same thing there and I felt bad. "

At present, Jolette is participating in fashion show Take care of the camera where the owner is a fashion teacher, Edy Smol.


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