Sunday , May 9 2021

Maluma laughs at "retirement"

Just one day after the announcement of his temporary withdrawal from music and social networks, Maluma broke the silence and said it would not be far from the spotlight.

The Colombian recovers his account in Insagram and a picture of his beard and long hair growing, he said: "Bozo kisses me cute Pd: I have not yet retired."

Similarly, in another video he put in his stories about Instagram, he said: "The joke was good, made me laugh (…) to retreat calmly, to stop so much …"

On the other hand, his girlfriend Natalia Barulích uses social networks to send a love message to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States.

"This gratitude, I am especially grateful and grateful for the love of my life and our little Juliet, thank you for your love, kindness, understanding, patience, everything you do in our relationship and our beautiful home, always my Juan Luis," he said .

Last Wednesday, Colombian singer Maluma surprised her followers by announcing a temporary withdrawal from the music, and noted that during that time she would devote herself to "nourishing her spirit."

The interpreter reports on the news through his official account, Instagram, stating that "I need a little time for myself, for Juan Luis, I have to think, meditate, yoga, pray, feed my spirit" . He also thanked the fans who attended the show on their tour of glory.

In this respect, Felices los 4 adds that "there's a little rest for me, this week I will focus on working on myself and my spirit, which I think is needed." Report here a little, but you know I do not forget.

Maluma makes fun of him

Surprised. The Colombian singer uses his social networks to emphasize that he does not retreat from the music scene.

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