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Health authorities identified in Mexico the presence of "Black fly", a transmitter of a deadly virus that causes equine encephalitis.

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on Yucatan Ministry of Health He pointed out that the presence of the "Aedes taeniorhynchus" fly is increasingly common, which can transmit diseases such as equine encephalitis It can also affect people.

The head of the vector control department of this secretariat, Jorge Palacios Vargas, said in an interview that in recent years, copies of this vector, also known as "black fly and is a much more aggressive variety than others like "aedes aegypti" or "culex".

Year after year, we see the presence of this fly, though not as widely as in other parts of the Yucatan Peninsula and the country, but we should not wait for it to grow to take action, the official said.

The virus is transmitted by the bite of a an infected mosquito, Mosquitoes become infected when they bite infected birds.

Sometimes these infected mosquitoes bite horsesto human beings and other mammals, The virus that causes equine encephalitis is only transmitted through mosquitoes. Humans and horses do not directly transmit the disease to horses or humans.

The disease is a serious risk for those who receive it as it can have serious consequences or even death,

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Does not exist a vaccine against this disease, so the best way to prevent it is to prevent transmitting flies from biting you, and so far, at least in Yucatan, there is no known case.

A civil servant says actions have already been taken to strengthen and extend control measures, especially at this time of year, which is the most complicated of the rain that cause a massive outbreak of flies vectors.

Actions take into account campaigns for decorating, destroying and other tasks up to control on larval population, as well as campaigns to engage with schools of all levels and fumigation operations, among others.

However, he explained that in order to be more effective, they require the support of the population preventive tasks and even more so when an enterprise enters its most critical period.

"We are a country where the transmission of flies is endemic because they have climatic conditions conducive to their reproduction and distribution, which is why we need citizens to participate more and more in preventing the spread of vectors," he said.

The measurements are simple, be careful clean on home and yards of containers or objects which may accumulate water or serve as reservoirs for the larvae of these insects and report to the flood authorities or any incident which they believe may pose a threat to public health.

This is because there are homeowners and property owners who abandon them and never clean them, and there have been cases of sites that have lakes and swimming pools which become favorable sites to cause a epidemiological outbreak,

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