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Mickey, a symbol of good intentions

Thank you to Walt Disney for the iconic image

90 years after Mickey Mouse's first appearance, we share more curious facts about characters, from the list that we present on the cover.

The cartoonists who spent most of life giving Mickey life in strip prints were Floyd Gottfredson, between 1930 and 1973. And on television, the authors who wrote the most stories were Bill Wash, with 3,414 between 1943 and 1963.

Mickey was in charge of Walt Disney winning his first Oscar, in 1932, which was specifically for his creation.

He has appeared in more than 30 films and was the first animated character to have starred on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1978.

In 1935, Walt Disney received a special medal from the United Nations to create Mickey, "a symbol of universal goodwill."

"Fantasia" (1940) is undoubtedly the most identifying film with a mouse, a film is considered a masterpiece but was not accepted by the public when it was released.

Mickey was absent from cinema for 30 years, from "The Simple Things" (1953) to "Mickey & # 39; s Christmas Carol" (1983).

His last appearance at the cinema was in "Get a Horse!" (2013), a delicious story that combines images of the first and most modern Mickey, made in 3D technology.

Mickey formed the side of Goofy and Donald's trio of more popular Disney characters, although in most of their adventures, they were accompanied by his fiance, Minnie, and by Pluto.

But, so far, the one that often appears with him is Goofy, present at 15,913 publications.

Other friends are Horacio and Clarabella and their main enemy is Peg-Leg Pete.

Mickey lives in the city of Mickey, located in Calidornia, in the state of Calisota, which is located between California and Washington, in the United States.

Since 1930 there have been many articles related to Mickey and the most sought after by collectors is a 1939 watch whose handle is a mouse arm.

Mickey Mouse's first appearance in a video game was in 1983 in "Sorcerer & Apprentice." This is number 28, which is "Disney Magical World 2" in 2016.

Many artists have made it a model for their work. The most prominent, Andy Warhol, who made several series about his character.

The country where the Mickey comics are most read is not the United States but Italy, where 19,595 adventures have been published. Brazil ranks seventh, with 7,844.

The survey revealed that Mickey likes, especially, because he does good things, followed by factors such as optimism such as pumps and to become Minnie's eternal lover, attentive and caring.

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