Sunday , August 1 2021

"My mother lives inside"; Panic for the explosion at Jauregui

XALAPA, See. – A white and thick smoke began to leave through Jáuregui's market access, in Xalapa, while people ran scared through the streets without knowing what was happening. It was 3:50 a.m. on Tuesday afternoon and despite light rain, hundreds of people made purchases in the city center.

Just a few minutes before, the witness claimed to have heard the buzz, then a few seconds of silence and an explosion that shook the wall of the symbol market. The explosion, they said, was registered in the food business located in the kitchen area, so there was fear that the loss would be exacerbated by the proximity of gas tanks.

The first to arrive at the incident were police elements who led the eviction in the face of fears that the fire would reach more gas tanks and that a second explosion would come. Hundreds of spectators stormed the streets of Altamirano, Revolusi and Lucio which were closed for circulation.

For a few minutes chaos came to power in the area every time people searched for relatives, friends or workers who were in the area before the explosion and some people suffered from a nervous breakdown.

– "I bought there and my mother is on the market, "shouted a young woman while pointing a few points to a policeman.

– "Nothing is left inside, put it on the phone because it has to be outside."

– "But he doesn't use a cellphone and yes, he must be inside", repeating the woman who after a few seconds reunited with his mother.


Sometimes, The scene that took place in May 1952 when greedy fire destroyed the market seemed to be repeated and the minutes passed and not a dozen firefighters could control the fire which caused the entire block to be closed and vehicle traffic to cut at least three more blocks.

Reveal your life, "fire eaters" enter the cage of all their access to control the fire. Others are pulling one by one gas tanks from tenants, while Civil Protection elements try to distance hundreds of people who sometimes hinder the work of aid companies.

"For those who enter without our permission, they will stop it. You and others are at risk", shouted the element using a handkerchief to protect his nose from the thick smoke that had covered the streets of the Revolution and Altamirano.

Two water pipes cannot control the evil and elements from the Heroic Fire Department must request reinforcements in the area. After almost an hour and a half of uncertainty, the fire affecting the city's Jáuregui market was controlled because it left a balance of three companies that burned and had an impact on others 21. Although no registered civilians were injured, three elements of Fire and Protection of civilians must receive attention and oxygen because they breathe smoke.

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