Friday , December 3 2021

Niccolo Castillo and Marcelo Allator stir up controversy on social networks


Former Pumas football player, Marcelo Allator replied on social networks to the attacker's words Nicolo Castillo, with whom he shared the auriazul dressing room after he wrote on Instagram that "the internet is back to those who are now sending messages" who are not fighting for "those titles", citing champion's Cup,

"Now it turns out that Nicolo Castillo is the best in Mexico, right? Be a humble player, don't want to kill the one who fed you and the group that supports you. The only thing you did well in Mexico was at CU "I'm a dead man who accomplishes nothing, but by wearing a shirt, you lose 3 to 0," Alatorre wrote.

The Internet dispute between the two characters did not end with a previous message, as Castillo took the time to personally answer his ex-half from the club.

"I fully agree with your first three words of the last paragraph. There's nothing more to add. "

Nicolo Castillo will leave the club's azulcream for a minimum of three months after receiving a fibula fracture during the Tijuana match belonging to Day 3 of the 2019 opening.

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