Saturday , May 8 2021

Open Martian Exhibition in Chapultepec – Reform – 11/22/2018

50 years after the man's first invasion of the Moon, the Chapultepek Forest Natural History Museum opened an exhibition on Mars on Thursday.

"It seeks to reflect what human life can be on Mars, and different scholars agree that in order to sustain the development of mankind, it is necessary to colonize the planets," said Federico Aleman, NatGeo.

Inspired by the Mars series, the exhibition "A la Martijn, A Look at the Red Planet" was opened at the Chapultepec Festival, which ends on Sunday with Fernando Delgadillo's "Puerta de los Leones" concert.

The scientist Isak Asimov published the novel "A la Martian" ("Mars"), who named the exhibition with high-resolution images on the surface of Mars taken from the expedition on Mars Express.

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