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Pfizer has speculated that one of his drugs prevents Alzheimer's disease

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In 2015, Pfizer's researchers found that one of their star drugs, Enbrel, used to fight rheumatoid arthritis, seems to reduce Alzheimer's to 64%. This is evident from the analysis of thousands of insurance claims. However, testing these results will cost a lot of money and several years of clinical trials. The company's internal presentation reads:

Enbrel can potentially prevent, cure and slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease safely.

Last year, the pharmaceutical giant announced it would stop researching new drugs, treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. It was said that the company had invested unsuccessfully in these areas and the company has informed investors that their money will be better invested in other areas of research.

In a statement, Pfizer said it was a "redirection exercise" aimed at areas where his "scientific experience was strongest". But doing so, as he reveals Washington Postthe company decided not to mention or share the study results that, as the BBC says, could have "major consequences in the fight against Alzheimer's", and this disease is one of the great challenges facing science.

Apart from the fact that it is only speculative to determine the reasons why Pfizer has decided to abandon this line of research – although the company claims it is a false mark because the drug does not "effectively penetrate brain tissue" – what it is very controversial that the results are not made public. Pfizer says he did not want the investigators to go down an "invalid path."

However, the scientific community states that it is ethically important to publish these results. Several researchers believe that this data is (and is) extremely valuable to scientists, regardless of whether the drug is acceptable as a treatment or not. Some suggest that the reason why Pfizer put aside this line of research is related to the fact that Enbrel is no longer protected by an exclusive patent, can not be the new Viagra of Pfizer. As expected, Pfizer denies this and claims that this is only a science-based solution.

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