Tuesday , October 26 2021

Phil Spencer talks about the disastrous performance of the Xbox One


I didn't like how Microsoft introduced its current-generation model, the Xbox One, but the data is what objectively send and reveal a presentation or reveal a console was a disaster and a stone that almost put a check on all entertainment. The impatience to conquer the hall went out of the hands of the Americans and they were little or no realistic in their goals.

But this look back to the past does not seem to appeal to everyone, the make and the machine are in a much better situation now, so it is surprising that Phil Spencer himself has turned his back to return to that time. Although he has never taken part in the blame and has already acknowledged all the mistakes he made, he never hurts to know the extra details.

The presentation of the Xbox One was disastrous

Once again, we return to the interview with Gamespot, which made many headlines. Spencer talks about how the team felt, this data is perhaps more representative and can help us imagine the spirits of the employees behind the famous television, television, television, sports, sports, sports …

If you go back and watch it unfold, what you see is an event that really focuses on the Xbox as a television platform. For example, we show things like Price is right. In fact, I think the first content we showed on the Xbox One was a TV show.

If you were an employee of the Xbox team, then you were part of a team of thousands of people who worked on the Xbox. But there are far fewer people in front of the cameras who go on stage to talk about the product. There may be a division of opinion about the style: "Why are you saying this?" "This is not the product I'm building."

Phil Spencer is sincere

Although on stage Phil Spencer, who was vice president of Microsoft Studios, showed games like Quantum Break or Halo 5: Guardians, the truth is that he was also part of the board of directors. That is why these words, released by the thinking head of the department, hurt more when you read them over the years.

The comments we received from our employees were: «We have been working very hard on this product for years. You take the stage of this event and destroy all the good work we've done when we talk about the product in a way that doesn't exactly fit the soul of the Xbox console and what our customers are looking for.

I think the team was disappointed because they felt disappointed with the management team.

Now, all that remains is an anecdote from the past that has certainly helped them improve. But it had to be hard and tense to live that time from the lens of an Xbox employee.

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