Sunday , November 29 2020

Progress in the production of complete transplants

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Group by researchers Announces New Progress in Surveying How To Get Complete Transplantation Via mechanical generation of woven fabrics of stem cells, according to a study published today in the magazine Scientific Achievements,

According to the team of the Institute of Life and Medical Sciences of the Kyoto University (Japan) has made significant inquiries about how cells behave to model, stretch, expand, and facilitate the path to mechanical creation of complete organs,

Specifically, researchers focused on eye creation and how spherical shape,

"Although our study shows the possibility of controlling the forms of organs made"in vitro"- Using appropriate predictive-based mechanical incentives – current techniques are still limited," said the lead researcher. Motosugu Eiraku in statements gathered by Scientific Achievements,

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Another author, Satura Okuda, explained that to date "uncertainties" are the bases that lead each cell to modulate to complete the generation of the silhouette of authority,

Experts have developed computer simulation system , which calculates the formation of three-dimensional tissue structures on the basis of which they construct a virtual eye, which can provide for the process of cell formation of the sphere.

Based on this and apply it mouse cells, the researchers mechanically strained specific cell points that achieved the expected effect of changes in tissue formations based on predictions.

source: EFE



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