Thursday , October 28 2021

Rosario Robles' lawyer blames the judge's reasoning, which has little to do with the law


on Lawyer Rosario Robles, Julio Hernández Barros, arrived this afternoon at rSanta Marta Akatila Women's Clothing to visit Director of the Ministry of Social Development she was held in this prison after this morning.

In a brief interview, before entering the Mexico City Penitentiary, the lawyer said the former federal employee was doing well and was watching over her.

"We were on the alert with the prison staff, of course we didn't want special treatment, much less, but we're on the alert and that's good," he said.

Accompanied by his team of lawyers, Hernandez Barros reiterated that the crime of misconduct for which the Attorney General's Office blames the former head of government is not serious and does not merit informal preventive detention.

"However judge, doing some reasoning slightly attached to the lawfrankly vicious and without any basis"Determined justified preventive detention, given that it had no roots in Mexico City when it was headed by the Government of Mexico City," he commented.

He confirmed that they have not yet set out a legal strategy for violating the order of contact process dictated by a Southern Jail judge this morning.

"We are in the strategy that before the end of the two-month period of the additional investigation, we can have it outside," he said.

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