Monday , October 18 2021

The most special car in the world? A sports car that will cost millions of euros


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If you are a car lover, you may recognize this name: Pagan Probe Yes, the supercar that marks before and after in the automotive world, and for some this is the most special car in the world.

Not so much for its power, but for its design lines. Pagani Zonda was born in 1999 by Argentinian Horatio Pagani and with a bold design, together with stylized design, left his mark as one of the last great supercars and one of the most daring. But the one you see on the cover is not a normal Pagani Zonda.

Pagani Zonda as such ceased production in 2013, but Italian manufacturer Pagani occasionally launches a series of special models to keep its flame alive. The sport that crowns this article a Pagani Zonda Aether 2017, a model so unique that it will be auctioned for several million euros.

Aether Pagani Zonda, perhaps the most special car in the world

The company that will sell this car is RM Sotheby's and estimates that the price of this Zonda Aether will reach EUR 4 or 5 million. Price for a very special car.

This Pagani Zonda Aether has been based on the Pagani Cinque Roadster since 2009 and its main activity is its body made carbon fiber Personalized with red sports motifs.

The engine that gives life to this beast is the 7.3-liter V12 atomic-spherical AMG. It is capable of shedding gross power from 760 hp which gives a brutal 6-speed transmission. All this power from 12 cylinders goes directly to the rear axle.

There are certain distinctive elements in this Zonda broadcast, such as the green launch button for Zonda R. But this is not the only thing that generates passion inside this Pagani Zonda broadcast; sports seats are upholstered in leather and the Alcantara which follow the line of red motifs of the rest of the body.

The steering wheel is metal with 3 spokes, which is also lined in the alcantara and back again carbon fiber it spreads everywhere. In the tool cluster we can find in addition to analog buttons some brands that talk about 8000 rpm and 400 km / h.

This is more than astonishing as this car, which had only one owner, would be significantly more expensive than Huayra Roadster BC, Of which only 40 will be produced at a cost of 3.2 million euros each. The trade event will be held in November in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, so we don't expect anyone to let this monster escape. In fact, the price is likely to rise even further.

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