Thursday , October 28 2021

The Philadelphia Orchestra is canceling Placido Domingo's performance after the sex scandal


Philadelphia Orchestra (USA) he announced today the cancellation of the introduction of the Spanish tenor Plachido Domingo for the season opener.

The appointment is scheduled for September 18 at the opening night of the Symphony Orchestra. The decision came after a sexual scandal that arose after eight singers and a dancer accused him of sexual harassment.

However, the following Sunday's performance, scheduled for 25 August at the Salzburg (Austria) festival, was supported by the event organizers.

The complaints date back to the 1980s and continue to last three decades, Everyone chose to remain anonymous except Patricia Wolfe, a mezzo soprano who works with the singer at the Washington Opera.

Known secret

In this way, Domingo would pressure dozens of women to hold on inappropriate relationships with him in exchange for work. It also talks about negative professional consequences when they refused to maintain this relationship. Seven of the nine prosecutors said they thought their careers were being adversely affected after rejecting the star's suggestions and hints.

All the women gathered and the rest of the testimony agree that the tenor's behavior was a a secret known throughout the profession and that the young women who worked with the singer were advised not to stay never alone with himor in the elevator, not to have dinner, but to eat and never drink alcohol.

According to the agency, others three dozen workers related to opera claim to be witnessing inappropriate sexual behavior of Domingo harassing younger women with impunity,

Sunday's answer: values ​​from the past

For his part, the tenor issued a statement saying: "The accusations of these unidentified persons, dating back thirty years, are deeply disturbing and, as presented, inaccurate", although he acknowledges that" the rules and valuesby which we are and should be measured today, they are very different from what they were in the past. "

Plachido Domingo, 78, is one of the leading figures in the opera world. He has played more than 150 roles in more than 4,000 performances. In addition to being considered one of the best tenors of all time, he was also a director. In fact, he is currently managing the prestigious Los Angeles Opera,

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