In recent days criticism of Edwin Moon, the leader of Tracalos de Montetire, his former partners and followers who called him a bad father to boast of his trip to England with his current partner Kimberly Flores. while the son he had with his previous wife, Erica Monclova, was selling toys on the street.

The Disobeditors of the Translator Drunk with love In the social networks, evocative comments are being made, as they do not imagine why he is leading a son who is not his model of Guatemala, and unlike his older brother, he is in abandonment.

As if it was none of his former partners, Alma Sero, he went to the juggler and said he had lived his hell because he had left his career, his family and his friends to fulfill the whims of the singer's mask. has cataloged a narcissistic psychopath

Despite all these negative comments against him, Grupo Canton may learn that Edwin has been hired to take part in a movie that will be broadcast on the Netflix digital platform.

"They sent me a letter informing me that I was invited to participate in the cast of the film Lacandona, which will be broadcast on Netflix and several platforms and I am very happy because there are many recognized actors, "said the singer.

It should be noted that this is the first time Luna has taken on acting, as was done only in the videos of La Tragalosa, and in several of them, former partner Alma Serro was a producer.

Do you know?

The project, to which the singer is invited, has a good cause, namely to take care of the Lacandon jungle