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The sexual cover of Kylie Jenner, which kicks off the US war

June 12, 2019
(15:45 CET)

What Kylie Jenner has conditions Member States in the last hours they were fat. In fact, once again, and there are several, nets are loaded against the little one Kardashian,

This time has nothing to do with his daughter and the extravagant luxury goods that are spinning around him. Everything revolves around a disguise that has been placed Kylie to celebrate the birthday of one of our best friends.

The problem is that he did not choose the most appropriate suit at this time. And that's it Kylie could think of nothing but the creation of a thematic party inspired by the book and the series The story of the maid.

Sexual Coverage of Kylie Jenner

Work and a series that focuses on a not too distant future where the women who are fertile in the United States are forced to lead a sex slaves by order of government (fictitious) of Galaad.

And of course, given that the series has been very successful on the small screen conditions Member States and that many have seen in her the reflection of certain behaviors that take place after the administration of Trump, there are many people who are accused of rudeness against Kylie,

Kylie Jenner characterized as the sexual slaves of

"This little girl is not represented"" A woman with as many followers as she encourages it is a pity, ""Once again, Kylie shows that everything from the lips, the chest and the back does not have a brain"," I stop watching her, "" I'm sorry, "or" You can not be more irresponsible, ""The worst thing is that neither Kylie nor the uneducated by her friends will have understood what the series really is"These are comments that show the impact of videos and photos posted on Integrins.

While some of his followers have decided to enter the war and try to defend it, it is practically impossible. Jenner it is in the spotlight. This time there will surely be consequences.

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