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These are the 10 best new series since the first half of 2019! – Spoiler time

on 2019 It will be a memorable year in the world of the series. In just six months, we have not only said goodbye to the most watched show in television history, Playing thrones, but also We were attracted to a new high-level series.

We know it's hard to choose between the huge amount of products that run week after week, that's why This is a spoiler time, we present our ranking of the best new series released in the first half of this 2019,

10 Lethal class

You will say "but Lethal class It has just been canceled!"Well, yes, but the truth is, I have a blind belief that some other chain will continue this project of the brothers Russo based on the Rick Remender, The series from SyFy There are many Eighty nostalgia, with the best music you can imagine, with a lot of violence and as an adaptation of a story about cartoons, is very original. If you have not seen season 1, do not hesitate, try it. And remember: #SaveDeadlyClass

9 Russian doll

This comedy on Netflix it has earned a place in our chart, although its storyline may not be the most original. Why? Mainly for the work of Natasha Lyon, which always dazzles, but because, even though it repeats a multiple story, it succeeds in moving us with intelligent humor and sensitivity.

8 Patrol

after Titans, we thought this DC Universe I could not improve, but then it came Patrol and all our expectations exploded in the air. Patrol It's a strange, delirious, comical miracle and heroes that will fall under your skin. You should miss.

7 Sexual education

Sexual education That surprised us. This comedy is one of the first releases of the year by the giant streaming, Netflixand became a favorite within a few days. Series maturity more? Yes and no. Sexual education Touch all our intimate fibers with intelligence and emotion that are not visible every day. We want much more than this series and, fortunately, we will have it: the second season is already confirmed.

6 What we do in the shadows

Is it possible to achieve something as big on the small screen as it was What we do in the shadows on the big screen? The answer is yes, The series, based on the decolourized film Taika Waititi and Jemain Clement This is a jewel that is just the premiere in Latin AmericaPrepare to laugh like never before.

5 The law

The law This is a terrible series, as is the story on which it is based. p Joey King in the role of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and the huge ones Patricia Arquette as his mother, Di Blanchard, ministerial sites of Hulu He tells this family drama, which ends with a crime and gives us a goose.

4 Love, death + robots

Netflix Surprise again with this revolutionary An Anthology of Animated Shorts for Adults. To see a very big screen and enjoy every one of them 18 episodes that make up the first installment of Love, death + robots It has a different tone and aesthetics. Some of them are so wonderful that they deserve to be seen several times.

3 Good fairy tales

How it will not be on the podium of the series Amazon based on one of the most valuable books in the literature? Good fairy tales there are not only spectacular actors but tells the story of the novel Neil Gayman and Terry Pratchett with moving fidelity and beauty. own Gayman it is showrunner and the director's chair sits nothing more and less Douglas McKinnon, responsible for many episodes of Doctor who,

2 When they see us

Recently good Netflix: When they see us this is a devastating ministry of only four chapters that expose the injustices of a racist and arrogant judiciary that condemns five young people wrongly. Based on a real case happened in 1989, is one of those series that we will remember a long time.

1 Chernobyl

One would believe that this year Playing thrones He says goodbye forever, HBO My sign would be too full to throw crash at the level of Chernobyl, but it seems that it does not. The ministry that tells how we have never seen the nuclear tragedy of Central Vladimir Ilic Lenin, has become an incomparable phenomenon and it is imperative to see this 2019,

Bonus Songs

If you've already seen ALL of the ranking not only greets you because you're a true serif, but we also recommend you three more that did not reach the top ten but were also excellent: Here and Bertie, Gentleman Jack and The Academy of the Umbrella,

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