Tuesday , October 26 2021

These are the richest families on the planet (and number one earns $ 4 million an hour)


$ 70,000 a minute, $ 4 million an hour and $ 100 million every dayAt this pace, the wealth of the Walton family, the owner of American super-giant Walmart Inc., which tops the list of the richest dynasties on the planet, published this Saturday by Bloomberg, has grown over the past year. By comparison, a new employee at their stores earns about $ 11 an hour.

According to the "ranking", the world's 25 richest dynasties monopolize a total wealth of $ 1.4 billion, an increase of 24% from last year. In the United States, the richest 0.1% of the country controls more wealth today than at any other time since 1929, Bloomberg estimates.

These are the five families that lead the "ranking".

company: Walmart

state: $ 190.5 billion

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world by revenue. The Walton family's happiness has increased by $ 39,000 million since heading the list of the richest in June 2018, to nearly $ 191,000 million.

company: Mars

state: $ 126,500 million

The dynasty is known mostly for sweets M&M, the Milky Way and Mars, although pet care products account for about half of the company's revenue. Over the past year, his wealth has grown by $ 37,000 million.

company: Koch Industries

Fortuna: $ 124.5 billion

Koch Industries, owned by Charles and David Koch, is a conglomerate with annual revenues of about $ 110 billion. Since last year, his wealth has grown by $ 26,000 million.

Saudi royal family

state: $ 100,000 million

The Saudi Monarchy's net worth estimate – which is new to this year's list – is based on cumulative payments estimated to have been received by Royal Family members over the last 50 years from Royal Diwan, the King's executive office. Bloomberg explains that the total wealth, controlled by his environment of 15,000 members, is probably much greater.

company: Chanel

state: $ 57.6 billion

The Allen brothers and Gerard Wertheimer own the renowned Chanel Fashion House, which earned $ 11 billion in revenue in 2018.

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