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These symptoms, which seem "harmless", may be a sign of Salud180 thyroid cancer

When we think about thyroid cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is a lump or swelling of the neck; but there are others warning signs that we usually remain unnoticed, then We believe that they have nothing to do with this evil because they can easily pass as part of seasonal cold or allergy.

That's why in Salud180 we tell you what they are symptoms that seem harmless but may be a sign of thyroid cancerDo not let them pass!

on thyroid cancer, according to the American Cancer Society,a type of cancer that appears in the thyroid gland, located at the front of the neck and whose function is that of produce hormones that help regulate metabolism, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

IN The thyroid gland may develop different types of growth and tumors: some benign ones, but others malignant, i. cancerous and which can spread to nearby tissues and other parts of the body.

Far from what is believed, thyroid growth, known as thrush, This is not always a sign of cancer, because there are several reasons why it can increase in size, most often it is a hormonal imbalance,

There is three types of thyroid cancer: medullary, differentiated (which includes the follicular, papillary and Hurthle cell) and the anaplastic, which is most aggressive.

Causes of Thyroid Cancer

on Thyroid cancer occurs when thyroid cells undergo mutations or changes in their DNA, causing cell growth, multiply rapidly, and lose their ability to die. Accumulation of abnormal thyroid cells is the one that produces a tumor.

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Some of their symptoms seem harmless, so they are often overlooked. These are Warning signs of thyroid cancer, according to Mayo Clinic specialists:

Loose in the neck, which can be felt by touch

Difficult swallowing


– Inflammation of the lymph nodes of the neck

Pain in neck, throat and ear

Sustainable cough

Noise of breathing

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As you can see, there Symptoms of thyroid cancer that can easily pass like a cold or stationary allergy, so you should never run them, especially if they are stubborn.

Among the Risk Factors for Thyroid Cancer they are be a woman, exposure to radiation, family history with thyroid cancer.


To do a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, the doctor performs different Tests such as blood tests, thyroid tissue sample, tomographyby the way.


on the treatment of thyroid cancer depends on the type and how advanced it is, but usually consists of taking medicines for thyroid hormone, radioactive iodine, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

You already know, If you have a change in the body that may be an indication that something is wrong with the thyroid, do not miss it, However harmless the symptoms may look, they may be a sign of thyroid cancerImmediately go to the doctor, remember that every wrong openly in time is curable. Be careful!

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