Friday , December 3 2021

They attacked Prince Harry's wife as "cruel & # 39;


UNITED KINGDOM. – Work for the royal family is considered in the United Kingdom as a privilege and empty plants attract an unlimited number of candidates. Therefore, it is strange that one of Meghan Markle Assistant I have given up just six months doing a perfect job at a royal wedding.

Sources consulted by the Daily Mail portal commented: "This is really shocking. Why do I want it leave work very prestigious so fast. "

Although initially a Kensington Palace spokesman refused to comment on the departure of this woman named Melissa, in an unusual act, anonymous sources from the palace were authorized to "surrender", so as to speak, acknowledgment of his work, Who Reported it.

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"Melissa is a person very talented person. He played a key role in the success of royal marriages and will be missed by everyone at the Royal House, "how strong it is. That means that his work at the Palace is very good and that his departure could be for other reasons, perhaps lack of understanding with the Duchess of Sussex.

Melissa, for example, had to deal with the pre-marital crisis suffered by Sussex nobles when they found out about refusal to Thom Markle to attend to the wedding and bring his daughter to the altar just a few days earlier.

This information was published right with the release of the sale of the book "Charles at 70" by journalist Robert Jobson, where he ensured that Kate Middleton had had friction with Meghan for the way he treats staff palace. The Duchess of Cambridge has repeatedly asked the former actress to moderate manners with staff.

But the character suing Meghan will not be new, but comes from her time as an actress in the Suits series. Your former agent Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne came to describe it as a woman who was determined to succeed no matter what happened.

Gina said that was Meghan he is cruel with his time, with the attention needed and with priority. He was "gentle" with everything, his clothes, his schedule, in his business with his colleagues and if a worker did not feel good enough, he fired him for not sharing his vision. Meghan "likes to move."

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