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this is officially his front

A few days leaks for Google Pixel 4 They have not stopped arriving. This device will be released officially in October, although its production has already begun. We saw visuals, rumors and even real images on the terminal. Today we are facing a leak with real images between them. They confirm the arrival of a device hole in the screen and some lower bevels the normal. Currently, this design is the only one that has been filtered into real images, so it's the one we have to look at the most. Maybe today you can look at the official design of Pixel 4.

Over the years, we have seen that Google is not capable of designing itself. All Google Pixels are one step below their direct competition. Of course, when we talk about design, not software or camera. This year Pixel also seems to follow the footsteps of other manufacturers, in this case Samsung.

This is the screen and the hole in Google Pixel 4

In the absence of one, three images of the alleged device are filtered. The source is reliable and tells us the device It is covered with a protective coatingWe can see these types of cases in prototypes or in the earliest units of the devices. They protect design leaks and allow developers and employees to use it. This is important because this case could add a lot of jumps to the terminal. These slopes are what impresses most of the images, though they are likely to be much smaller in the end.

What is unlikely to change is the hole in the front. This will put two cameras and its size does not seem to stand out too much. We can even see that the Wi-Fi, battery, and time icons will be right next to that hole on the screen. This means Google has already adapted its system to this type of screen. It also allows us to slightly confirm the correctness of the images.

It looks like Google also has it a hole hide system with a black stripe on top. This is something that other manufacturers also have with it, which can be a solution for many consumers.

For these images, there is nothing more to be noticed, which, They seem to confirm the design of the front that will have Google Pixel 4. It is still early to know whether the filtered model is the smallest or the XL, so we will have to wait for more leaks.

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