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This is the best-selling product at Walmart during the Good End of 2018

Walmart is one of the most important retail stores in our country, just look at more than 220 stores across the country and its website, both of which have offered different products yesterday with very competitive offers. We share a list of items that until now, the company has reported, are the best sellers so far Good End 2018.

Cellphone Walmart offers during Good End 2018. / Photo: Walmart

Cellphones and Smartphones: Year after year one of the categories with the biggest growth in the event was cellphones and smart phones and this sales trend in the first Good End hours confirms that so far, consumers have been assigned to place it in the first place of sale by choosing one of the more than 120 options offered by the Walmart catalog.

Laptop Walmart offers during Good End 2018. / Photo: Walmart

Screen: Another product that has experienced the most displacement during the first Good End day is the screen, Walmart customers have focused their attention on this category that is integrated by more than 160 different brands and sizes of television. According to figures from the official site of Buen Fin, Mexicans invest screen and smart TV an average of $ 6,500 pesos.

Screen Walmart offers during Good End 2018. / Photo: Walmart

Toy: This is the third category with more product rotation during the beginning of Good End, according to consumer specialists the relevance of toys is normal during this event because of its proximity to December and the beginning of the year, where customers take the opportunity to overtake your purchases at Juguetilandia by Walmart , thus avoiding availability problems during certain prize dates

Video game console: Since the beginning, video games have become an important part of people's investment because they are not only wanted by children, but an important part of their consumers are adults and people with strong purchasing power. That fun video game console Their offer has become one of the best-selling items not only at Walmart, but on the market in general.

Equipment: El Buen Fin is also a good opportunity to buy basic household products such as equipment and equipment. Payment facilities, competitive prices, and the utility and durability of these items have made families choose to invest "more and more" in them. Although equipment starting in fourth place is expected to increase transactions in the next few days, naturally pushing the category.

Mattress: Although "home fundamentals" did not start Good End in the first position of sales, Walmart has confirmed that they are a category that "closes the event with power" and that the deduction, on November 19, will definitely occupy because of each year, sales position first and second among its customers, not in vain are important bets for retail and where they hope to offer greater benefits to their consumers, as well as a large number of inventory items such as mattress and white.

Visit the website to find out all the options offered by retail during the event or entry Walmart official blog to find out anyone about the Good End promotion.

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