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Three decisions that led to the success of billionaires • Forbes Mexico


Have you ever considered how your decisions (and not just financial ones) determine your chances of success?

Experts say that the habits you have today as to how to invest your resources have a major impact on that. "In the long run, your habits will determine your future," says Rafael Baggiag in his book, The Secret of a Trillion Dollar.

Here are three solutions for success that have accompanied the world's billionaires on their way to the top.

Wake up early

Perhaps one of the keys to a successful career is one of your least favorite things. And the start of the day before sunrise is part of the routine of most billionaires.

For example, figures like Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey (net worth: $ 5.2 billion), or founder of Richard Richard Branson ($ 4.12 billion) Start his day before 6:00 pm. You can always start earlier, like Tim Cook, who, according to Times Magazine, wakes up at 3:45 am.

How do we know which is the best time? Badziag remembers that it is not about sleeping but about finding a balance. Other experts on the subject, such as Thomas Corley, recommend waking up at least three hours before the start of the day.

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Less Facebook, better hobbies

Another constant of the "three comes" club is that they direct their time to activities that give them greater benefits and encourage their personal development, such as reading. At the same time, they put aside less productive activities such as social networks.

Bill Gates ($ 103.1 billion) Defined reading as an essential part of his success; while Warren Buffett, the world's fourth-richest man ($ 85,400 million), says he spends 80% of his time reading.

On average, billionaires spend twice in their favorite books compared to using platforms like Facebook and Twitter; Five and a half hours, two and a half hours a week, according to the expert psychologist in the billionaire, Sarah Stanley Fallow.

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Health is first

For billionaires, health is a serious thing, both physical and mental. According to Mark Zuckerberg ($ 71.5 billion), "to do something good, you need energy, and you just have more energy when you're in shape."

On average, this group spends almost six hours a week doing physical activity. Or with a session on the treadmill, as the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos ($ 157.2 million) or playing golf as media magnate Michael Bloomberg ($ 54.3 billion)

At the same time meditation and reflection are constant in their practice. Oprah Winfrey ($ 2,500 million) provides at least thirty minutes a day for introspection.

"The most successful people take more time to think," says K. Corley in one of her books on billionaires' habits.

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