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Today's horoscope, August 16, 2019, on all zodiac signs


IN Today's horoscope, August 16, Mars is already withdrawing from Leo and it is good for each zodiac sign to integrate what has been learned over the last month and a half with its influences.

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For the past month and a half, Mars has been teaching you to act hard, but at the same time, without being aggressive and maintaining patience and control. All these efforts helped you to waste your time and made everything faster and better.

Due to the influence of the above-mentioned planet, it is important to know that you will be able to finish everything you planned during the date you planned during this period because your focused approach allows you to get what you want.

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In the last seven weeks, you need to strengthen and grow your personality, express and do what you really feel and even think you have given much more than what you get.

You have felt this imbalance even more strongly in your relationships as a couple and a family that made you argue and suffer because you are not getting what you want. But you have a lot of energy to keep giving, and that give and take will start to balance after Sunday with the change of sign on Mars.

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Before a planet departs from a sign, it is good to see what you have learned. In your case, for sure, the learning was to know how to focus and not go through the branches when you have to put in some work or mental effort. In particular, to study or present a special project.

The same if you have to make an important decision and concentrate on this analysis. You have verified that this attitude gives you more security in your decisions and that is what you need to integrate to better manage the influence of Mars, which will not be as favorable after Sunday.

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Crossing Mars through Leo this month and a half has given you a stronger character, you often have internal conflicts because of your emotional instability. It helps you to monitor your energetic temperament so as not to cause recklessness, but in a healthy and harmless way.

Check who you can injure unintentionally and repair it. Learn more about your sensitivity and accept criticism. This will make you accomplish more after Sunday, when the energy of the planet mentioned is favorable.

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In recent weeks, with the passage of Mars through your sign, your energy has been so high that you have decided to use this excess energy with intelligence, making very important decisions. Even if you take some risks, leave your comfort and well-being zone.

From the decisions made and from the mentioned cycle of the planet you can check the good results from the beginning of April to the middle of May next year.

I recommend that you keep this energy management as learning about the new influences of the planet after Sunday.

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The teaching you need to integrate with the passage of Mars through the sign of Leo is that it has caused you a great deal of interest in exploring the unconscious or exploring the topics of occult or parapsychology. You may also have had some repressed energy of irritation from some anger that you decided to let go of so you wouldn't stray from your research.

When the planet passes to your sign, you have to integrate the knowledge you have acquired, but most of all you have to be careful that the repressed anger does not leave your interior with all your might and bad mood.

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You always work so that everything around you is in harmony and that those around you are relaxed, but the passage of Mars through the Lion made you feel even more the importance of satisfying others and seeing you really happy whether through physical, sexual contact or just enjoy life more.

This attitude has made you have more communication with your partner, with your friends and even in your social gatherings. It also made you understand the importance of keeping a balance between giving and receiving.

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The last month and a half has not been very easy for you because of the influence of Mars, who wanted to control your character. However, you can consider it a period of real transformation if you have learned to control your excessive ambition and think about those around you.

Also, if you have overcome difficult experiences using your knowledge and honesty. If so, continue to apply it when said planet goes to Virgo. This will help you in a very meaningful way to better focus your energy on your goals.

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You were one of the most favored characters with the passage of Mars through Leo. Therefore, you need to integrate the confidence that you have with you when this influence passes and you can take advantage of new opportunities, open new doors, take risks and invest all your energy in achieving your goals.

First of all, we treat others with great intelligence. Remain with your optimism and good humor to overcome the difficulties and apply it when said planet passes the sign of the Virgin after Sunday.

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In the last month and a half, with the influence of Mars, you will notice that those around you react sharply to your decisions. These answers have caused you anger and frustration that you have treated with a lot of anger in you, which is not easy to express on your introverted side.

Therefore, it's a good idea to look at why they oppose, criticize, or get your attention. You have to do the same with the traits of your character that bother them so much. This is to see if you need to adjust some of your attitudes.

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It was a month and a half that you had a hard time holding back your impulses to quit your job, quit your routine, and avoid your duties because you had expectations that something would happen in your favor and take you away your work tasks. But nothing really happened to you and you had to keep working.

Therefore, you need to consider whether you need to change the direction of your life or change your attitude towards life by integrating responsibility into yourself. You may need to make a complete upgrade to make your daily life more enjoyable.

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Surely in this last month and a half you could have felt without desire or with little ambition. You may have thought that following your life automatically and without incentives was better; to be that kind of survival until something special happens that makes you reach your goal.

However, it is a good idea to analyze why, if you are dissatisfied with yourself, you do not react and fight for your own. If you do, you could give new meaning or purpose to your life. Review this so you can better channel your energies after Mars goes to Virgo.

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