Friday , December 3 2021

Torreón Municipal Health closes the month with 1,426 consultations


Torreon, Coahuila. – This Thursday, Municipal Health Commission, do it Tenth ordinary session, where he presented the activity report of General Directorate of Municipal Public Healthcorresponding to July 2019.

In the work, he highlighted the figure of thousands of 426 applications in the month; in addition to 595 in brigades and Paseo Colon. In nursing services, There are 54 benefits to the administration of medicines, vaccines, nebulization and treatments.

Manuel Perch Tsepeda, director of the unit, reports that 14,555 residents in the Clean and Abate the Courtyard program are protected from mosquito-borne mosquito Aedes Aegypti; 418 apples treated by spray and mist; 23,000 948 water tanks have been removed, treated and controlled, in addition to 247 yard waste actions, to remove fly propagation sites.

In the area of ​​animal health, 94 pets have been sterilized; There were also 208 consultations with veterinarians, two thousand 373 contraceptives for combating diseases, burning of canine remains and 188 actions to control the population in the street, catches, reports present and sacrifices.

As regards counseling on eating and eating habits, 529 people were served; at a good nutrition workshop that supports nutrition culture campaigns, 25 people took advantage.

788 pre-therapeutic consultations for the issue of sanitary control were conducted; 426 clinical laboratory tests such as biometrics, blood count, general urine test, pregnancy test, urea and creatinine, in addition to 861 chronic degenerative tests such as glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides; 1554 health risk analyzes such as HIV, VDRL and vaginal exudates.

37 mastographs, 67 gynecological consultations, 29 procedures such as colposcopy, cauterization and specialized procedures for the prevention of The diseases of women themselves.

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