Monday , October 18 2021

VIDEO: "El Negro" and Producer of "Hoy" Star Fight Full Set | grandstand


Mexico City.- "So you know how it feels," the driver said Raoul Araiza before competing with the show's producer today, Magda Rodriguez, in the morning kit.

The moment was captured by Chano and was uncovered during the behind-the-scenes section.

In the recording, you can see when El Negre tosses his microphone to the ground and raises his voice to the producer who is shouting at him.

Does not measure, does not measure. Magda, don't measure what you're yelling at me, 'said the black one.

Then you see when Magda shows up to box, and Chan asks what he called The Black and she replies:

Shut up! "

In the video broadcast on YouTube, you can see when Araisa clarifies the situation.

Suddenly he gets excited because if anyone is into everything, it's Magda, then "not right, left" and the microphone sticks a lot, then goodbye to the drum and yesterday I took it off. I put it that way on the floor and said "so you know how it feels.

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