Friday , December 3 2021

Walmart defends US arms sales after firing in El Paso


Texas.- Walmart reported an improvement in its performance on Thursday due to strong sales and e-commerce growth in 2008 USA and again defended his decision to continue selling some weapons after a mass shooting at one of his stores Texas,

Net income was $ 3,600 million, over a loss of $ 861 million in the prior year period when company-specific expenses in Brazil They hurt the results. Revenue is increasing 1.8%, up to $ 130,000,000.

Comparable Sales in USA they have increased 2.8%as ecommerce sales increased 37%. The company has achieved some of its year-round profit goals.

Proponents of gun control have called on the retail giant to suspend arms sales after an armed man who publishes a manifesto complaining about Spaniards killing 22 people in an attack on Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

Walmart has restricted some firearm sales in the years following the mass shootings, halting military-style gun sales in 2015 and raising the age of gun purchases to 21 years in 2018 after an attack on a school in Florida,

But the company continues to sell some weapons after a background check.

"We have tried common sense measures that allow us to serve customers and create a safer environment," said the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillan

"We think he represents around 2% in the firearms market today, which we think puts us at least among the top three sellers in the industry. We reckon we have around 20% of ammunition, ”he said.

McMillon He said the ban on assault weapons "must be discussed in order to determine its effectiveness in preventing weapons produced for war outside the hands of mass murderers."


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