Sunday , July 25 2021

While playing, the boy buries with a knife in his head

Play between them two children at five and eight years ended with a tragedy after the older man buried his own half brother a knife in the head,

The children played on Tuesday at their home, located in Puerto Penasco Sonora, about 3:00 pm, at the address in the Rio Asuncion and 69 streetsfrom the colony San Rafael.

After the events the child's parents took him away emergency cases at the local hospitalhowever, because of the problem of the injury, it was difficult to do Sonora surgical intervention.

The minor was operated in a hospital in the capital Baha California, when he arrived aboard an ambulance from his native state.

Ivan "H"The 5-year-old boy who has received a knife wound at his head is out of danger after he has successfully operated General Hospital in Mexicali.

  • With encouraging predictions, doctors estimate that it can be written for two days.

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