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CAN 2019 – Qualifying Round (J5): Namibia and Guinea-Bissau cancel each other (0-0)

African sports news is marked on Saturday by the 5th round of the 2019 African Cup qualifying round which will be held next June in Cameroon.

Eight thrilling posters were on the agenda for this fun day, which saw four new finalists in the final round (bringing the total to 9 out of 24).

To please African football fans, the meeting was sent again at a different time.

Next in detail, the full point of the results:

Senegal continues its harvest in Equatorial Guinea (0-1)

Already eligible for CAN 2019, Senegal continues its journey unhindered by taking the best from Equatorial Guinea (0-1) Saturday at Bata.

The Lions of Teranga owe their victory to "CSC" registered by Luis Meseguer (52). Inaugurated for the first time on goal, Edouard Mendy has maintained his clean sheet, as he has done eight times with Stade de Reims in Ligue 1 this season.

Temporary group A classification:

1) Senegal, 13 points (+8), (Q)

2) Madagascar, 10 points (+4). (Q)

3) Equatorial Guinea, 3 points (-5).

4) Sudan, 0 points (-7).

The Comoros defeated Malawi (2-1), fulfilling Moroccan conditions

Some happiness is sometimes the happiness of others. The Comoros shows on Saturday in Moroni defeating Malawi (2-1): Coelacanthes, winner with goals signed by Ben Nabouhane (2) and Chamed (70), not only has the joy of achieving their first success of this qualification, but also allowing Morocco to compile the ticket for the final.

Only a victory for visitors can still prevent Atlas Lions from doing it. If Phiri (53) gives Flames some time in the match, this equalization will not be enough.

Group B rating:

1. Morocco, 10 points (+5). (Q)

2. Cameroon, 8 points (0).

3. Comoros, 5 points (-1).

4. Malawi, 4 points (-4).

Mali won in Gabon (0-1) and got off the ticket

Mali qualified for CAN 2019 on Saturday in Libreville in support of their victory over Gabon (0-1), deprived of their striker and captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. It was Moussa Doumbia, a winger from the Reims stadium, who scored the first goal of the match in the match (11th).

With 11 points, the Hawk is guaranteed to finish in one of the first two places in group C. As for the Panthers, they are forced to win in Burundi next March to qualify. A challenge compared to the level installed since the start of this playoff.

Group C classification:

Mali, 11 points (+5). (Q)

2. Burundi, 9 points (+6).

3. Gabon, 7 points (+2).

4. South Sudan, 0 points (-13).

Nigeria qualifies for South Africa (1-1), Libya returns

South Africa and Nigeria drew 1-1 (Saturday) in Johannesburg as part of CAN's 2019 fifth qualifying round. This result is more suitable for Elang Super, quality, than Bafana Bafana who must avoid defeat in Libya. >> Complete summary of the meeting

Group E classification:

1. Nigeria, 10 points (+6). (Q)

2. South Africa, 9 points (+8).

3. Libya, 7 points (+6),

4. Seychelles, 1 point (-20).

Uganda has Cape Verde (1-0) and returns to the finals

Uganda ended work on Saturday in public on the occasion of the fifth qualifying round for CAN 2019. Cape Verde winners (1-0) thanks to a goal from Patrick Kaddu (79), the Cranes took the points needed to secure qualification.

They will play next year in their final phase, after missing between 1978 and 2017. Tanzania is likely to join them Sunday, in the case of victory in Lesotho.

Temporary classification of group L:

1. Uganda, 13 points (+5). (Q)

2. Tanzania, 5 points (-1).

Cape Verde, 4 points (-1).

4. Lesotho, 2 points (-5).

Here are the first 9 qualifiers for CAN 2019:

1) Cameroon ??

2) Madagascar ??

3) Egypt ??

4) Tunisia ??

5) Senegal ??

6) Morocco ??

7) Nigeria ??

8) Uganda ??

9) Mali ??

It should also be noted that some African choices also have the opportunity to validate their tickets this Sunday, such as Burkina Faso, Algeria, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, R & D Congo, or Tanzania.

>> 2019 African Cup: Sunday program

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