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Casablanca Stock Exchange: Presentation from 08 to 12 July

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended the period from July 08 to July 12, 2019, with two main indexes, Masi and Madex, gaining 0.62% and 0.68%, respectively.

At the end of this week, Masi, a total index comprised of all share-type shares, amounted to 11,311.02 points, and Madex, a compact index consisting of continuously quoted securities, amounted to 9,207.09 points.

Under these conditions, the performance of these two barometers for the year to date (since the beginning of the year) is -0.47% and -0.28%, respectively.

In terms of international indices, FTSE CSE Morocco 15 rose 0.31 percent to 10 086.48 points and FTSE Morocco All-Liquid rose 0.79 percent to 9 769.72 points.

As for the ESG Casablanca ESG 10, it rose by 1.31% to 896.42 points.

11 sub-funds were withdrawn at the sector level, ranging from 0.12% for Recreation and Hotels to 3.94% and 7.90% for Mining and Forestry and Paper. ,

On the downside, the SPVs sector did not coincide with the upward movement of that period, down by 2.04%, registering the largest decline in the sector, followed by the Holdings Holding Companies (- 1.35%) and Distributors (-1.18%).

In addition, the market capitalization amounts to nearly 581.41 billion dirhams (MMDH), while the total volume amounts to more than 2.71 billion dirhams, of which MDL 525.2 million on the central market and 2.189 billion dirhams from the public offering Maroc Telecom (OPV).

In the case of individual shares, Timar shares offered the best rating performance, taking 14.07% to 150 dhs followed by Med Paper (+ 7.90% to 27.44 dhs), Managem (+7.41)% at 870 Dhs) and Agma (5.91% at 3.066 dhs). On the other hand, the M2M Group (-5.98% to 456 dhs), CDM (-5.98% to 498 dhs), SM Monetics (-5.28% to 260 dhs) and IB.Maroc.Com (-4.85% 05 dhs) show the largest declines in the period.

Itissalat Al-Maghrib is the most active value of the index with 58.26% of transactions, followed by Attijariwafa Bank with 15.59%, BCP (6.93%) and Total Marocco (3.29%).

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