Monday , June 21 2021

Collections in Polynesia to help lepers

On the occasion of the World Day of Leprosy, the Maltese Order organizes this weekend fundraising in several shops and parishes in Polynesia.

On the World Day of Leprosy this weekend, nearly 10,000 volunteers from the Maltese Order of France will mobilize funds to help people with the disease.

In Polynesia, hunters will attend Saturday at the Carrefour supermarkets in Arue and Punaauia, as well as Hyper U Pirae and Super U Tamanu. Sunday quests will be organized in all Tahiti parishes.

Bins for food for sick

The money collected by the hunters will be used to buy mostly food, ointments and vitamins, as well as transport cards so that people with the disease can go to the hospital consultations. Because this disease is debilitating and people can not work, most of them without regular income.

The food bins that will be distributed to the patients are determined by Dr. Lam Nguyen so that they are as balanced as possible. For 2019, the Maltese Order in Polynesia plans to add vouchers to buy vegetables in the supermarkets on the site.

Leprosy is not eliminated

This disease, which only symbolizes the Middle Ages and the misery and thought that ordinary mortal men consider eradicated, is not. According to Malta, a historic player in the fight against leprosy, in more than 100 countries there were more than 210,000 new cases in 2017, including 5% for children under 15 years of age.

In Polynesia there are about ten people with leprosy treated, including a nine-year-old child. About 60 people, whose disease is being treated regularly, visit to see if the symptoms do not appear again.

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