Thursday , July 29 2021

Dangers of a common nutritional supplement, child welfare and measles

This common food supplement causes diabetes and obesity

Consumption of propionate, a commonly used dietary supplement, promotes obesity and diabetes, according to a new study. Still, it is considered a safe product in the United States. Propionate is widely used by bakeries and creators of artificial flavors. It is a fatty acid that helps to prevent the formation of mold on food. The study, which combines study data in humans with studies in mice, indicates that this food supplement can cause a cascade of metabolic events leading to weight gain and insulin resistance. To learn more, click here.

Screens, sleep, physical activity: new recommendations for children under 5 years of age

In order to grow in good health, a child under the age of five should spend as little time as possible sitting in front of the screen attached to the seat or trolley, enjoying good sleep quality and focusing on active games. according to the new WHO guidelines published on Wednesday 24 April. The idea here is to take very good habits very early. "To ensure health for all, we need to do the best for health from an early age," said WHO Director General Dr. Teodos Agamemnon Ghebriys. "Development is fast in early childhood, and you should take advantage of this period to adapt your family lifestyle in a way that promotes good health." We will tell you more in our article.

USA: 695 cases of measles, making it the worst epidemic since 2000

The United States has identified 695 cases of measles since the beginning of 2019, the worst revival of the disease since its official elimination in 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC). For comparison, 667 cases were recorded in 2014. The country owes this growth to parents' mistrust of vaccines or because they mistakenly think that their child may develop a disorder of the autistic spectrum or for religious reasons … To read more, click here.

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