Tuesday , September 21 2021

Destined to be at odds with the Casablanca club

In different football matches on Sunday, the last four meetings on day 8 only confirm the findings to date. Namely, the power of Raja Casablanca, latent imbalance of OCK (see below). Go down to Wydad hell, and the gloom that hit FAR for a long time.

This morning, King's rank (10), does not reflect the positive collective dynamics that define the performance of Garrido's men. With two wins and lots of draws, RCA is the only team that has not been defeated in the championship. Reality is undoubtedly driven by the general balance that was finally found (10 goals scored, for 2 cashed). What kind of stability and continuity ends sooner or later to pay. However, before pursuing four matches at Bolota, if the King does not bully in Sunday's match, at a closed reception KACM, at the grass of the Père-Jégo stadium, Greens On the other hand, they have provided essential things to unskilled and unimaginative Marrakch , far from their season's expectations. Worse, after conceding a logical penalty from the second minute, changed by Banoun, eleven chosen by Faouzi did not show the spirit of rebellion. The players keep running behind the ball when they don't have it, without being able to master it when they have it, until a spectacular break. Finally, we suspect that the objectives of the two kings written by Hafidi are the same. Because, like the KACM porter, meeting directors certainly have better things to do than focus on the most important things on the soccer field, I give you a thousand, balls. In fact, because we still couldn't see the picture of the goal, when writing these lines, it was assumed and it was clear that Hafidi threw an opponent quickly playing a 40-meter free kick (30 & # 39;). However, we can be sure that Green is placed as a true favorite in the race for the title, if only with regard to the luxury touch bench it has. For its part, KACM returned in the rankings and returned gradually in the ranks, acknowledging the third consecutive loss after winning their first three matches.

CRA VS WAC (2-1)
They certainly didn't realize it, but René Girard and his men had unexpected strength. They have been able to restore confidence and put Chabab Rif Al Hoceimi back in the race by offering his second victory of the season. While the North began climbing the slopes since two setbacks in the first two championship meetings, chaining twice, interspersed with victories, but this last success obtained on Sunday against opponents calibrated to win the title, is synonymous with breathing fresh air for the club that has been condemned. But everything started badly for CRA. With no concentration, the Benali players found themselves leading from 8 & # 39; to the goal of fighting without Ghanjaoui's camp. Initially, a two-played angle, followed by the center he sent to the bottom of his net, wanted to play interception. In fact, after a quarter of an hour it flies high with lots of opportunities and intensity in everything they do, and because it's been a long time since he finished On the screen, we get the impression that little by little, Wydadis is won by sufficiency, as if unthinkable the North returned to the score. Evil takes them. At the end of a tense first half, El Hoceima equalized in a beautiful strike (42)), put a small net at the entrance to the penalty area, and signed Ruyman. Involved, permission on the axis of Captain Nakach, who was supposed to be the most experienced of his teammates. Less than two minutes later, Wydad, knocked out by a binding goal, saw his hosts take the lead. A way to remember that even what works so far is no longer functioning, the hinges of the WAC are taken on his back due to lack of attention, the free kick is quickly played. Fikri did not ask to send the ball to the back of the net and restore a definite advantage for his team, despite shots at Haddad's post 60 seconds later.
Like overall performance, it's hard to imagine that among players on the field, the Red and White side, that there are boys, Champions League winners, a year ago, so much they are transparent. With players who don't know, WAC matches have fake training sessions. In fact, the Casablanca club continues to drag its run in a disappointing and unusual position from the red lantern, which can also be identical to the end of the adventure for Rene Girard. CRA, meanwhile, continues to run well and is now in a soft stomach classification.

AS AWAY vs IRT (0-0)
It's hard to revive a match without life. All we can say is that this meeting is without help and without too many opportunities, does not allow both FAR and IRT to expect anything other than the center of the table, if they happen to continue this speed less than two points per game.

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