Thursday , October 21 2021

Doctors announced a 72-hour strike and a new round of resignation in November –


thatThe doctor's anger still hasn't subsided. Apart from Executive promises to reassess their salaries, one of their main demands expressed in recent weeks, public sector doctors are planning collective resignations and other protest movements. In a statement issued November 3, the Independent Society of Public Sector Doctors (SIMSP) announced a series of new strikes scheduled for 19, 22 and November 23.

To justify this new protest movement, SIMSP, which is one of the most representative unions in the sector, accuses the Executive of not " to focus on effective studies of claim files from public doctors and not concretizing ". Especially for SIMSP, this claim is part of the lineage " King Mohammed VI's speech to the House of Representatives, conclusions from the Economic and Social Council (on the health sector) and the decision of the Auditor's Court », Says MAbdellah Alaoui El Montadar, Secretary General of SIMSP.

Consider that the newly announced strike series is valid, from the point of view & # 39; Constitution & # 39;, SIMSP shows that they want to have a dialogue with the Head of Government, but that is true "For customers who are not present". Trade unions also requested the expansion of consultations with all political parties for the purpose of making "Effective" their campaign promises related to the health sector. SIMSP also claims that the government has turn to threats During the previous protest movement, trade unions believed that efforts were needed "Spread" know "The reason behind the resignation of doctors and the loss of public confidence in the health system "

72 hours strike

With the exception of resuscitation and emergency services, the remaining public hospital services will be suspended during the days of 19, 22 and 23 November. Meanwhile, SIMSP intends to implement a "Acceleration" put together a list of doctors who resigned throughout the national territory with the intention to present it to the regional health directorate.

During October, 130 doctors from the Casablanca-Settat region had submitted their resignation, following in the footsteps of around fifty of their colleagues who trained in the Oriental region and about thirty in Ouarzazate province. . Resignation which, according to the Minister of Health, "No legal value" and is " a new form of advocacy that paradoxically comes when open dialogue with doctors ".

The attacking doctor is also determined to boycott school-based medical examinations, medical caravans, autopsies, and does not plan to take part in non-medical administrative services (periodic reports, meetings and writing of certificates, with the exception of birth and death).

Solution on the horizon?

Approached by us, sources at the Ministry of Health told us that discussions were underway with the Head of Government on the one hand, and the Minister of Finance on the other. The purpose of this conversation: to understand certain sensitive points of public doctor claim files. " At present, the work is focused on proposals to be submitted to unions regarding the situation of wages and benefits "Our speaker said.

And to add: " PLF 2019 is a real offer; the ministry wants to reach a solution before the adoption of financial law ". " We sincerely hope that there will be a strong signal for doctors to get social peace in this sector and at the same time any possible reforms in the near future "Assure the service side.

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