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Mellal was suspended a year by LFP

Posted on November 20, 2018 at 00:08 by Ishak C.

The Discipline Committee has given a verdict tonight regarding sanctions against JSK President Cherif Mellal following the threat of his boycott of the program.

The LFP has decided to impose a one-year suspension, where 6 months are suspended and 200,000 DA are fined against the president of the canary. This suspension was due to his opposition to the LFP president Abdelkrim Medouar.

Cherif Mellal wanted to hold a meeting with presidents of various Algerian clubs to try to get rid of Abdelkrim from his position but leaders did not appear for the meeting.

The LFP has been held as an accusation, "violation of reserve obligations, insults and undermining the dignity and honor of league members".

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