Monday , September 27 2021

Morning – Diversity and Gender Approach, Levers to Implement

Casablanca hosts the 25th and 26th of April of the new edition of the Global Women's Summit, chaired by its Royal Highness Lala Meriem. For this edition, GWS is inviting Africa and invites Africa to engage with a community focused on women's empowerment, change, diversity and innovation. The issue with Hanane Ait Aissa, Director of Startup Grind and Founder of the Global Women's Meeting.

Matten: Why a Global Women Summit Orient Africa?

Hanane Ait Aissa: First of all, let me tell you how proud I am for this World Women's Meeting in 2019, which will take place under the honorable Presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Lala Meriem. To explain the genesis of GWS, I must first point out that the African continent is becoming the most profitable space for doing business. Today, it is the world's fastest-growing economic space, with many favorable prospects being the preferred destination for international investment. The main economic powers are developing new strategies for better positioning on this continent. Technological sectors are thriving due to the strong emergence of ecosystems for entrepreneurship and innovation. The technology offers the opportunity to project differently in the future and thus allows Africa to overcome development challenges. With all this dynamics, the African woman must play a vital role. This is one of the goals of Casablanca Grind's starting head. I am proud to have created a community based on inspiration, empowerment, networking and innovation and aims to create a framework to enable African women to be a central participant in any technological change and to contribute to the immense design of tomorrow's Africa. This summit will be a time to introduce reaction elements to accompany company leaders and leaders in designing and deploying destructive strategies by acting on: Diversity, Technology and Inclusion.

Why choose the issue of diversity and gender equality?

Most companies, due to their digital transformation, are now passing through a transitional phase with its share of interruptions. They are trying to develop their business model, even if they change it in depth, bring innovation and especially exist. Recognition of diversity and gender equality is essential: it is often more difficult to change for innovation while it is easier to bring more diversity into its ranks; to be one with reality, to be the most representative in today's society. Diversity and performance are closely related.

What are the key messages of the Global Women's Meeting?

First of all, to be inspired: to share the stories of success and to think about the future of different sectors and how gender differences can contribute to the technology and industry age 4.0; to rethink our vision of the future to create new, more responsible markets. GWS also lets you connect to the ecosystem of the most influential leaders (company leaders, managers, managers, …) and share experiences, learning and enriching experiences in a passionate atmosphere. GWS is also a springboard for developing trust through exchange of best practices to strengthen gender equality strategies and business diversity. And since the Summit is open to innovation and cutting-edge technology, it provides a platform for discovering, getting to know and mastering emerging technologies and the latest technological trends.

What topics will be discussed at this summit?

This conference will involve more than 20 lecturers from here and elsewhere: USA, Gabon, Luxembourg, France, UAE. Various themes are included in this edition's menu, including: "Changing the Game in Diversity and Inclusion: With a variety and engagement, is there a new, more responsive business? "" Leading and empowering: How diversity is the driving force of productivity for the company? "; "Manipulating success and career guidance: How to harness diversity in companies to stimulate innovation" and "Keeping the next talent: what strategy and tools do we integrate diversity and transform it into the levers of performance?"

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