Thursday , October 21 2021

Rabat-Agdal Faculty of Law created a new bridge with the company


that Rabat-Agdal Law Faculty concluded, on November 9, 2018, with the "Moroccan Circle of Law Department" (company lawyer association), the partnership agreement whose ultimate goal was to facilitate student access to the professional world.

At the signing ceremony, faculty representatives and Circle of the Moroccan Law Department has highlighted the gap between the academic world and the business world.

Therefore, they promised to work together "to create conditions for real convergence and better matches between university training efforts and university operational needs. business "

To achieve this, the partnership agreement maintains the following priorities: improving the training of legal students through organization workshops run by corporate lawyers and support for students, selected for their excellence and dynamism, during their academic careers as part of a mentoring program aimed at building a pool of mentors from the business world.

Also, the organization of a business forum "that will give companies the opportunity to meet with degree recipients from the Faculty of Law and to target their potential recruitment, improve basic research by orienting it toward" problematic practical legal issues "with integration of members of the Moroccan Law Department Circle into the process of supervising academic research work.

Finally, convention provide the organization with a series of conferences on "the most up-to-date and most problematic areas of Moroccan law".

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