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Salif Keita: "Africa leaves its culture for another, does not know"

Salif Keita, author of the album "Another White" and Mandingo's music icon, expressed his stance on creating the United States in a recent interview with AfriqueMagazine.

I believe in the complementarity between the continents, the world that moves, the white and the black together. As for Pan-African, this will never happen, "he said.

Continuing, Salif called a joke against the African Union: "The African Union budget consists of an external context, the Africans did not understand democracy."

To correct, Salif Keita focuses on education: "Africa needs to learn, cultivate to better understand things in their true sense. Education is a priority, let us solve this problem of education and from there we can move on.

The author of the Manzhouou pipe invites African countries to draw inspiration from China to see the end of the tunnel: "This country, which was nothing in the 1950s, is now advancing, preserving its culture until Africa leaves its culture for another she does not know, "he warned.

The Malian singer remains confident and calls on African political authorities to establish genuine political will for the continent's development.

Adam Hawa

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