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Siri may soon launch your Spotify plays


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Apple and Spotify have begun talks so that Siri, the voice assistant for Apple devices, can play titles and playlists hosted on the Swedish streaming platform.

For the moment Cheese can only interact with Apple Music, Cupertino's own music streaming platform. But according to The Information, things can change soon.

Antitrust policy at the heart of the negotiations

The step forward that could recede apple his competitor would not be pleased. In the beginning of the year, Spotify had filed a claim of abuse of dominance against Apple. Among the complaints cited by the Swedish streaming giant: the systematic preference for Apple products over its own services at the expense of competition. From there, to imagine that Apple is forced to cooperate with its rival, there is only one step.

However, according to The Information, Apple would develop a series of tools that it would then provide to interested companies to take care of Siri, By default, music playback from Apple Music will remain de rigueur, but a specific command will have access to the Spotify nightclub.

In this way, it is not impossible for other services to be launched in the same way through Apple's voice assistant. Soon it's Deaser's turn?

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