Friday , November 27 2020

The Finnish kindergarten will soon be in Morocco

The first pioneering unit of Finnish pre-school education in Morocco will soon see the light of the day, according to a Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership signed this Tuesday between FinlandWay International Preschools, one of the leaders of pre-school education in Finland and the Benabdala School Group.

Targeting children aged 12 months to 6 years, this initiative, the first of its kind in Morocco and Africa, aims to provide innovative training based on the latest Finnish curriculum promoting a game-based methodology.

"It's a matter of re-introducing our teaching methods to better help the younger generations acquire knowledge and develop their skills," said Adnan Benabdellach, founder of the Benabdellah school group. Marrakech.

It is also about setting up a kindergarten based on an innovative early childhood education system inspired by the Finnish curriculum and the science-based methodology of science that will be adapted to the educational goals of the program. Moroccan Ministry of Education.

FinlandWay International president co-founder Noora Laitio emphasized that students from the new FinlandWay kindergarten will benefit from a participatory, entertaining and effective program and a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide the foundation with a solid foundation for lifelong learning, academic training, well-being and all key cognitive and non-cognitive areas.

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